Our values

“Specify the Right Need to define the Right Solution.”

“The only way to progress is to Measure.”

  • We consider that a brush is a tool, Brush-Tool, which induces the care and precision given to this tool from its design to its commissioning at our customer’s.
  • Quality at all stages of the project
  • High level of service, from the first customer contact to the start-up of the brush(es) and the training of users
  • Respect for the environment, CSR commitments

The CardoTech product: tool-brush and high level of service!

Custom-made advice

• Advice on brushing, finishing and spin-drying processes
• Realization of drawings for shaft and sheath already in service for which our customers would not have drawings in memory
• Commissioning of brushes and training in their use with our customers, in France and around the world

Customer care & responsiveness

• Telephone presence 10 hours a day, 5 days a week
• Real-time tracking of courier and little parcels
• Test center all supports for function and surface processing by brushing
• Annual orders clocked on calls
• Safety stock contract for sensitive products
• Rental of Makita, Flex, Bosch portable brushing machine with supply of brushes adapted to the needs.


• Brush grinding in use
• Partially damaged brush repairing
• Removal of relining brushes at our customers
• Maintenance and repairing of shafts (change of bearings, metallization of bearing surfaces, dismantling of bearings, etc.)
• Emergency relining for France and Export
• Balancing of all types of revolution parts

The + CardoTech

  • The rigor of a German process certified ISO 9001 since 2002 and version 2015 since 2016
  • The agility and responsiveness of a technical leader
  • Surgical precision at all stages (nothing is left to chance)
  • Origin 1889… and more than 25 years of history in Burgundy… and around the world! (30% of turnover in major exports)
  • Cutting-edge skills
  • A qualified and versatile team
  • An engineering capacity and real know-how that the company makes available to ALL companies in ALL sectors
  • Training young people in our know-how and interpersonal skills
  • Each CARDOTECH client is unique, each project is a challenge that calls for a custom-made response to achieve our common goal: maximum added value!
  • Technical performance = productivity!
  • Quality performance = repeatability!
  • Economic performance = added value!
  • Social and environmental performance = CSR commitment!

The CardoTech Project Method: the V cycle

History & Key figures

The CardoTech story

It started in Haute-Saône at the end of the 19th century with the creation by Ernest CARDOT of a family industrial brush-making company. As a true inventor, he filed several patents for circular brushes under the "Hercule" brand and developed the Rip-Rop broom, which was taken over by O'Cedar. His innovations have won awards at international competitions and exhibitions.

First generation pass

When Ernest CARDOT dies, his wife and son Ernest take over.

Ernest Cardot, founder.

The family adventure continues

Death of Ernest CARDOT son, in the resistance. Continuation of the activity by his wife Marie-Hélène, who entrusts the reins of the company along the way to her niece Ginette and her husband, André CHAINARD, to devote herself to his political career. She will be vice-president of the Senate alongside Gaston MONNERVILLE, under the presidency of the republic of General DE GAULLE.

Marie-Hélène CARDOT

Company relocation

André CHAINARD leaves the Vosges forest (Citers - 70) and installs the brush factory in Burgundy, in Chalon-sur-Saône, close to the forges of Le Creusot and the local metallurgy basin promoted by the SCHNEIDER family. Indeed, the brushes supports are gradually changing from wood to metal. Moreover, André CHAINARD considers that swabs and bottle brushes should remain in the catalog, because of the baby boom : indeed, these products are used as much to clean baby bottles as bottles of Burgundy wines.


Women's entrepreneurship

After the accidental death of André CHAINARD, his partner Ginette CHAINARD becomes the 3rd generation of women to take over the management of the company.


The sons of André CHAINARD

His sons Armand, Jean-Claude and Daniel CHAINARD succeeded him and together led the destiny of the MFBI-CARDOT company.


Daniel CHAINARD leaves MFBI-CARDOT and creates in Sainte Hélène (between Chalon-sur-Saône and Le Creusot) CardoTech, which he intends to study and manufacture of industrial brushes for the metallurgy sector, with main customers major local players in the metallurgy sector (FRAMATOME in Saint-Marcel - 71, USINOR-SACILOR in Gueugnon - 71, now belonging to the APERAM group).


2001 à 2012

In 2001, Sandrine CHAINARD, Daniel's daughter, joined CardoTech and has since been in charge of its management, Daniel CHAINARD being President.

In 2002, USINOR Gueugnon built a rolling mill in Thailand and CardoTech developed there a subsidiary from 2002 to 2007, when the rolling unit was sold to THAINOX.

In 2008 the turnover reached 1.8M€.

In 2012, Dominique VITTOT, industrialist and husband of Sandrine CHAINARD, joined CardoTech to strengthen the commercial part and to develop the industrial part.


COVID crisis

Despite COVID and the resulting global crisis, CardoTech continues its development and now achieves an annual turnover of €2.8 million, articulating its activity around numerous industries that use specific technical brushes, in France and abroad export for 30% of the activity. Indeed, the customers are Chinese, Thai, Indian, Canadian and European.

Dominique VITTOT assumes the presidency and Sandrine CHAINARD continues as General Management, which she has provided with brio for more than 20 years!

Daniel, Sandrine CHAINARD and Dominique VITTOT

A partir de 2023

Bastien, Sandrine's son, has been apprentice engineer at CardoTech for 4 years. He will definitely join the company to initially take the responsibility of the technical and industrial parts.

Bastien represents the 6th generation of this beautiful family business which is now an innovative and dynamic SME, ready to meet the challenges of the future.

Bastien, Sandrine and Dominique

Team commitment

The success of CardoTech is above all the result of the commitment of the women and men who make it up, thanks to their daily work, their motivation, their mutual goodwill: long live the team spirit!

“Since 1889, the origin of CardoTech, our family business has stood the test of time, thanks to the know-how and behaviour of the women and men who, through their professionalism and the quality of the products manufactured, have made it possible to put on the market high value-added brush tools, which combined with a high level of service have contributed to the satisfaction of our customers and led to national and international recognition of CardoTech.

Since 2010 and for the decades to come, CardoTech’s sensitivity to CSR will lead to the offer of tool brushes developed and manufactured with more safety, less hardship, with listening and recognition towards women and men which, by taking environmental constraints into account on a daily basis, will place our products in a world that is more virtuous and more respectful of future generations”.

Sandrine CHAINARD and Dominique VITTOT, May 17, 2022.

More than 20 years under Quality Assurance System

  • Quality Management: ISO 9001 since 2002 and Version 2015 certification in 2016
  • 15 professionals = 15 quality managers
  • Quality control at all stages: from design to final inspection, including material acceptance and manufacturing.


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